Arun Nath - Founder & CEO

Set up the first distributorship for Apple in India starting 1984. He was responsible for the first Apple Reseller Channel in India. A Macintosh pioneer, he has sales & marketing experience since 1972 and sales & technical experience with Apple since 1983. AnyThing Mac was born in 1993 and registered as a Limited Liability Company in 1994. He is widely recognised to be an Apple pioneer in India.

Sunil Singh - Administration Head, Delhi

Has been working with Apple since 2003 and has developed vast experience regarding technology support on all Apple products. Sunil is responsible for the Resource Centre, Network Administration, hardware and service support. He is ably supported by a team of trained personnel. Trained & Certified by Apple.

Chandramauli - Business Development Manager

Entered the world of marketing in 2011 and has been working with Apple products since 2012. Since then he has developed a thorough understanding of all Apple products. As an Apple Product Professional, he is able to guide users on best suitable products. He now heads the Sales & Marketing Department.

Prem - Technical HoD

Working on Apple products since 2010, Prem has intricate technical knowledge of the entire gamut of Apple products and Operating Systems over the last two decades. He is Head of Department for Service & Support and works with a team of Apple Certified engineers & technicians. Trained & Certified by Apple.

Kamesh - Administration Head, Gurgaon

Has been providing service & support to Apple Users since 2005. He is currently managing the Gurgaon Branch. Trained & Certified by Apple.